About me

about the author of the blog

Hi! My name is Veena. I’m a homeschooling mom to 2 wonderful children. My goals for this homeschooling journey are to make sure we are raising learners for life and also to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Through my posts, I wish to document our homeschooling journey and also advocate for causes that are dear to me – raising self-confident learners, keeping children safe, giving back to the society and living in sync with what Nature intended for us. My vision is to create a platform for all homeschoolers to connect and support each other in their journeys. I wish for this place to serve as a repository of knowledge and wisdom for all potential homeschoolers.

I have an MBA degree from a reputed institute and have worked for 10 years at a large Indian conglomerate, where my last assignment was setting up the CSR (corporate social responsibility) function. I have also completed the Teach for India fellowship in its inaugural batch. I was a teacher at a municipal school in Mumbai for 2 years, learning along with 3rd graders.

I also own two beauty salons in Mumbai and wish to expand this business with the empowerment of staff and clients as the business’s foundational principles